AI for customer acquisition in
Financial Markets

Octolab is a platform that, through the analysis of customers history, identify and predicts relevant behaviors that help executives reactivate customers through business insights and intelligence.

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Customer managament with steroids

We have worked closely with the financial industry, to understand their relationship with customers. We know the value that each customer can generate, and how difficult it is to be aware of everyone. That is why we use artificial intelligence to help prioritize and focus your time on clients that will generate a greater return for you.


We analyze the transactional history of your clients with your company to understand the behavior of each one, and thus identify patterns to be able to predict future actions.


With the patterns found, we can know which churned customers have a high propensity to reactivate. You will receive a prioritized list according to reactivation probability.


To know how to manage a churned customer, we will give you information about each one in order to help you create a personalized message.

The easiest way to manage a customer

The best way to manage a customer is to know him. With relevant insights you can deliver a personalized message, and you will see how your communication with them becomes more fluid.

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